Statement Secret Pyjamas 

Is it possible to be both simple and over the top simultaneously?

Striped pleated midi skirt made out of a réversible knit from Nomura tailor in Kyoto

This striped pleated midi skirt is one of my favourite makes this year.

I’ve been totally addicted to this season’s Project Runway and there is something about PR that makes me decide “yes, I can do dramatic silhouettes as everyday wear!”

I’d also been admiring big pleated skirts on Pinterest for a while. I think they look great with chunky sweaters for winter!

Double trouble

My pleated midi skirt is made out of a totally amazing fabric I bought in Japan. It is reversible, with navy and white Breton stripes on one side and gray marle on the other.  The two different fabrics are subtly attached together invisibly, similarly to a double gauze cotton. The finish is entirely smooth, not quilted. I’m still not sure exactly what it is – my best guess is a double-sided (fused) scuba, but it could also be a double-sided fleece with the furry part hidden away on the inside.

Either way it’s very warm, very cozy and very thick. And most of all, it has great volume!

Sewing this pleated midi skirt has definitely freed up some space in my fabric stash! Although the downside of using up a bulky fabric from your stash is that you then need to find place for a bulky garment in your wardrobe…

Striped midi skirt with striped juniper cardigan by Jennifer Lauren Handmade
Because sometimes you just love a fabric so much that you need to sew all the things with it…

How to sew a pleated midi skirt

There is not much to say construction wise. This is a very simple garment. I’ve been making a bit of a repeat effort at midi skirts lately, check out here and here.

I cut out two rectangles for the front and back skirt pieces and pleated them until I had the visually desired affect. I decided that the full pleats were not very flattering at the back so I decided to cut the back piece in half and have an exposed zipper. This enabled me to comparatively minimize volume at the back.

This striped pleated midi skirt is made out of a double sided trick cosy knit I bought in Japan


My waistband is interfaced with stretch interfacing to give it a little bit more stability without sacrificing the comfortable nature of this piece.

Not really reversible

I am still trying to decide whether I have the courage to actually wear this as a reversible item. I tried to hide the side seams by either flat felling them or using French seems. But when I did this on some scraps it was unsightly with such an immensely thick fabric. So I really didn’t know how to make invisible side seams with this fabric.

But the real problem isn’t the side seams at all. These are simply overlocked with white thread and I think could potentially work as an “inside out” fashion statement if desired. Where I am trying to work up the courage is in relation to the backseam. I’m trying to decide if I can pull off the notion that an exposed backwards zipper and seam allowance is actually a fashion statement.

What do you think?

It would be great if I could actually get a grey skirt out of this one too.

Pleated midi skirt grey worn with Ogden cami

All in all, it doesn’t really get much better as far as statement “secret pyjamas” go. I think I will be living in this pleated midi skirt and tights once the mercury really starts to fall.

4 thoughts on “Statement Secret Pyjamas 

  1. Just gorgeous. The silhouette really suits you and from your description, the fabric sounds amazing. I’m all for more drama for daywear and the fact that it’s as comfy as pyjamas make it a big hit in my eyes.

    1. In mine too! It’s also an added bonus that the colour scheme makes it pretty flexible to wear with plenty of different tops! Only downside is how much space it takes up – definitely not one for the suitcase!

    1. Striped side out seems to be the clear winner! Although even if I only ever wear it that way, it still makes me feel special that there’s a little grey skirt hidden away inside! I hadn’t thought of miss matatabi- could be dangerous the idea that I could actually get my hands on some more!

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